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At Triangle Eye Institute, we want to assist you in obtaining the most effective solutions for vision correction. Our team’s primary mission is to deliver the best eye care possible. Our office works with you to streamline insurance processing and account handling to be as affordable as possible. For your convenience, we offer CareCredit as a financing option.

CareCredit is a company that provides patients with credit for their LASIK or other elective procedures, offering short-term, 0% interest payment plans and low-interest, extended payment plans. CareCredit has no up-front costs, no fees, and no pre-payment penalties.

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MIGS (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery) is a collection of advanced surgical procedures that treat glaucoma by reducing pressure within the eye.

DURYSTA™ Injections

DURYSTA is an implanted medicine delivery system that is injected into the eye in order to reduce the intraocular pressure caused by glaucoma.

Laser Iridotomy

Laser iridotomy is a standard procedure that works through a targeted beam of light to treat and help prevent the onset of closed-angle glaucoma.


A trabeculectomy relieves glaucoma symptoms by creating a small opening in the eye wall, which lets fluid drain and helps reduce intraocular pressure.


Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) treats glaucoma and helps prevent optic nerve damage by improving drainage and relieving pressure in the eye.

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