Exosome Hair Restoration

What is exosome therapy, and how will it help restore my hair?

Many adults are concerned about hair loss. It can be caused by genetics or age, hormones, medical conditions, and years of over-styling. Exosome therapy, a non-surgical treatment that can slow, stop, or reverse hair loss, is the best. Exosome therapy, a form of regenerative medicine that uses exosomes taken from human mesenchymal and stem cells (MSCs), is a powerful method. These MSCs contain lipids, messenger RNA, microRNA, signaling chemicals cytokines and proteins which all work together to help cells regenerate and renew themselves naturally. Exosome therapy is typically administered directly to the treatment area, in this instance, the area affected by hair loss.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does exosome therapy for hair restoration work?

Exosome therapy for hair loss is a non-surgical procedure that takes about 60 minutes in the office. The scalp will be anesthetized with a local anesthetic. Exosome therapy will then be administered to areas that are balding or thinning. Microneedling is then performed on the scalp. This causes micro-trauma to the epidermis and micro-channels. This triggers exosomes, allowing them to penetrate the skin. The nonsurgical treatment of baldness includes a maintenance and initial treatment. This is done approximately every nine months to one years.

Can exosome hair restoration be painful?

Microneedling can cause some discomfort. Our specialists at Triangle Eye Institute Laser & Aesthetic give patients a local anesthetic to make them feel more comfortable. The procedure takes only 60 minutes and is generally quite tolerable.

How soon after exosome hair restoration will I see results?

It all depends on how much hair you have lost and your goals for fullness. During a consultation in Bakersfield CA, patients are given a specific time frame. After a few months, your hair should look fuller and healthier.

How does exosome hair restoration and a hair transplant differ?

Hair transplants can be very invasive as they remove healthy hair follicles from your back and place them in the areas that are balding or thinned. Exosome hair restoration uses exosomes to stimulate the natural regeneration of your cells. Exosome therapy is preferred by many of our patients over other treatments.

With us, hair loss is no longer permanent. 

Individuals looking for hair loss solutions can turn to Exosome Therapy, which is both medically and clinically supported. Triangle Laser & Aesthetic Center is proud to offer proven treatments to thin hair. We invite you to call our Bakersfield office to learn more about exosome therapy treatments and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Yaplee.

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