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Information About Minimally Invasive Services

Triangle Eye Institute Laser & Aesthetic offers a number of minimally invasive procedures to rejuvenate your skin, fight hair loss and reshape the body. Dr Steven Yaplee is known for his experience in microneedling, exosome therapy, laser lipo and fat transfer. We help you get the more youthful, fresher look that your heart desires. Our cutting-edge treatments have helped both women and men smooth wrinkles and address stubborn fat cells safely for many years now! If Bakersfield is near where you live, give us call today so we can schedule some time together – Let us help you rejuvenate your body and skin to get the more youthful, fresher look you desire.

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Our Services

Facial Fat Transfer

When it comes to enhancing your features, fat transfers from the body are a natural choice. These special procedures can help replenish lost volume and create fuller skin.

Exosome Hair Restoration

With the help of exosome therapy, Triangle Laser & Aesthetic Center can stop hair loss in its tracks, and even reverse it.

Microneedling Exosome Therapy

You can rejuvenate and restore your skin with microneedling, a minimal invasive treatment that uses exosomes.

Laser Lipo and Fat Transfer

With laser liposuction and fat transfer procedures, we can remove stubborn pockets of body fat that are holding back your appearance.

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