How does IPL work?

If dark spots or sun damage are impacting your complexion, a photofacial with intense pulse light (IPL) therapy may be just the solution you need. IPL is an aesthetic treatment that rejuvenates the skin for adult women and men who have vascular and hyperpigmentation concerns on their neck and face. While a photofacial is not an invasive process, it can be very effective at enhancing the tone and texture of your skin for smoother, more desirable results. Ophthalmologist Dr. Steven Yaplee and his well-trained team are proud to utilize advanced Lumenis® IPL technology to provide photofacials for Bakersfield, CA patients. Schedule a personalized skin consultation today, and learn if IPL therapy can help you reach your cosmetic goals!




Become Young Again With A Photofacial

IPL therapy for skin rejuvenation can be used to improve your appearance and combat the signs of aging. Dr. Yaplee invites you to contact our Bakersfield and Delano locations and schedule a customized skin assessment. Triangle Laser & Aesthetic Center can offer Lumenis photofacials to treat deeper layers of pigmented or damaged skin. This will help you bring back a radiant glow and highlight your natural beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does IPL do?

IPL candidates at Triangle Laser & Aesthetic Center have many concerns about their complexions. These include sun damage, rosacea and brown spots, large pores, spider varieties, and more. Lumenis photofacials work deep into the skin layers by using light energy to heat and inflame the natural regeneration process to boost collagen production. The skin will begin to look healthier and more even as new collagen is formed. There should also be a decrease of hyperpigmentation. IPL treatment takes approximately 30 minutes and usually requires little to no recovery. Although you will see some improvements immediately after the first treatment, optimal results can be achieved by repeating 4 to 6 IPL treatments over a 4-week period.

How quickly will I see results from IPL?

The results of IPL treatment will vary depending on where it is being used and what goals you have. When facial rejuvenation is used, you will often see dramatic changes in your skin texture and tone. Triangle Laser & Aesthetic Center will be able to provide a more detailed timeline for each case during a skin evaluation.

How am I supposed to prepare for IPL?

The IPL prep will vary depending on the location and your goals. Preparing for IPL requires that you use a moisturizing cream with 30+ SPF to protect your skin. You should also stop smoking six weeks prior to IPL. Stop taking any medication that can cause excessive bleeding.

How much will IPL cost me?

Prices for IPL treatments vary depending on what you want and how many sessions are required to achieve your goal. Bakersfield’s clinic offers a variety of effective and affordable treatments that will leave you feeling and looking great for the long-term. Ask our staff how IPL can be affordable for you.

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