Wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin are a part of life. As we age, our skin loses elasticity and the ability to rejuvenate as effectively as it once did. While some people often choose to fix the wrinkles, sagging skin and fine lines by surgically removing it, there are other less invasive option that can be done on a lunch break with little to no recovery time.

For those looking to reduce wrinkles and firm aging skin, Emface is a great option. Even though it’s a newer procedure, just introduced in September of 2022, the Emface is based on Emsculpt procedure. While Emsculpt is for the whole body, Emface is designed to target facial wrinkles and sagging skin.

How it Works

Emface uses a patented, hands-free applicator that generates both Synchronized RF and HIFES energies at the same time to kick your body’s natural collagen and elastin production in to gear. Synchronized RF works by heating the dermal layer, which causes the increased production of collagen and elastin and results in softer skin and a smoother face. The HIFES technology helps to tone up facial features by boosting muscle quality and density through selective muscle contractions.

Clinical studies revealed that Emface leads to an average increase in collagen of 26%, double the amount of elastin, and a 30% increase in resting muscle tone. The combined effect of these technologies is a reduction in facial wrinkles by 37% and lifted facial features of 23%.

If you have questions on the process, reach out to Triangle Laser & Aesthetics and see how Emface can benefit you.

How long are Treatments?

Dr. Yaplee and the staff at Triangle Laser & Aesthetics are specially trained to administer the Emface procedure. The procedure is only 20 minutes and with no pre or post visit concerns, you can be in and out on your lunch and back at work in no time.

Once in a private room, you’ll lay on a table while the Emface applicators are applied. You will feel the muscle contractions from the HIFES and a little heat from the RF. It’s not painful, in fact, you may feel like you’re getting a hot stone massage.

Triangle Laser & Aesthetics recommends four appointments about 5-10 days apart to get the best results. You can have fewer wrinkles and firmer muscle tone for smoother, younger looking skin for months to come.

Lasting Results

Even though treatments are 20 minutes, results can last for months. Immediately after your first appointment, you will experience visible reduction in wrinkles and firmer skin. Optimal results usually happen 90 days after treatments and lasting results can be seen for months.

If you don’t want the down time and risk of surgery, Emface is a great option for quick results and short appointments.

Is Emface for You?

As we age, skin elasticity starts to weaken, collagen production is decreased and wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin start to appear. The HIFES and RF in Emface target sagging skin by increasing muscle tone. If you are experiencing sagging skin and loss of muscle tone around the jaw and cheeks or forehead and brows, Emface is a great option for you.

Even if you aren’t experiencing sagging skin and weak muscle tone, fine lines can start to appear years before muscles structure is compromised. Emface is used in specific areas and can target your fine lines before they are a problem.

Whether you have advanced wrinkles and sagging skin or are concerned about certain areas, Emface is great option for you. Call Triangle Laser & Aesthetics for your consultation and see what Dr. Yaplee and his staff can do for you.