As we age, our faces undergo various changes, including the loss of facial volume due to factors such as aging, weight fluctuations, and other elements. Fortunately, advancements in aesthetic procedures have paved the way for effective solutions, one of which is facial fat transfer. This popular method offers a natural alternative to fillers by using the patient’s own fat to restore volume and rejuvenate the face. In Bakersfield, CA, Dr. Steven Yaplee, specializes in autologous fat transfer procedures, employing minimally invasive techniques to achieve remarkable results.

Understanding Facial Fat Transfer

Facial fat transfer, also known as fat grafting or fat injection, involves the removal of excess fat from areas such as the stomach, buttocks, or thighs and strategically injecting it into specific regions of the face. This procedure offers a dual benefit by reducing unwanted fat in one area while enhancing volume and contour in another. By using the patient’s own fat, the risk of allergic reactions or rejection is minimized, making facial fat transfer a safe and effective option for facial rejuvenation.

The Expertise of Dr. Steven Yaplee

Dr. Steven Yaplee, in Bakersfield, CA, is highly skilled in performing autologous fat transfer procedures. With years of experience and expertise in minimally invasive laser liposuction and grafting techniques, Dr. Yaplee and his team ensure optimal results and patient satisfaction. Their proficiency in these procedures enables them to achieve natural-looking results, restoring facial harmony and youthfulness.

Benefits of Facial Fat Transfer

  1. Natural and Long-lasting Results: Facial fat transfer provides a natural and long-lasting solution for facial volume loss. By utilizing the patient’s own fat, the transferred cells integrate seamlessly, resulting in a more youthful appearance that can last for years.
  2. Customized Facial Rejuvenation: Unlike fillers, facial fat transfer allows for precise contouring and volume enhancement. Dr. Yaplee tailors the procedure to address specific concerns, whether it’s the laugh lines, cheeks, under the eyes, or other areas requiring volume restoration.
  3. Minimally Invasive Procedure: Facial fat transfer is a minimally invasive procedure that typically requires only local anesthesia. The recovery time is relatively short, allowing patients to resume their daily activities with minimal downtime.
  4. Dual Benefit of Fat Reduction: The procedure offers an additional advantage of reducing excess fat from donor areas, such as the stomach, buttocks, or thighs. Patients can achieve a more proportionate body contour while enhancing their facial appearance.

Your Appointment

During your consultation, Dr. Yaplee will discuss the procedure in depth. Everything, from prepping at home for the procedure to what to expect during and after, is explained and your questions will be answered completely.

The procedure only lasts a few minutes. The preparation is simple and all done in our office. You will be given a small amount of anesthetic to rid any discomfort during the fat transfer. Once the transfer is complete, you will have a brief recovery in your room and be able to go home shortly after. There may be some discomfort for a few days. We recommend ice, rest and over the counter pain medicines.

Results are immediate and last longer than standard wrinkle fillers. While your body may absorb some fat cells (this is normal), Dr. Yaplee’s expertise in fat transfer will have you looking your best for years to come.

If you are considering facial fat transfer to restore volume and revitalize your facial features, Dr. Steven Yaplee and his team, are ready to assist you. By scheduling a consultation, you can learn more about the benefits and features of facial fat transfer, ask questions and schedule your procedure to fit your schedule and your time.